Valve Cover Racing
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Welcome to the world wide sport of


Ron & Ted get ready to race while two young spectators check out the action during the Valve Cover Races at the Wal-Mart Car Show in September.

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Bring your cars and have some fun!!

For the most recent list of rules (Updated 7/16/2010) click the button below:

Valve Cover Racing Rules

The rules for the construction of the valve cover racer are as follows:

  • No engine, propulsion or moving weights. Gravity is your friend;

  • The racer must be made from an automobile or pickup gasoline engine valve cover;

  • The valve cover must retain its entire original gasket-sealing surface

  • The racer can have a chassis, but the chassis cannot be inter-changed with any other valve cover body after it is registered for that days race;

  • Nothing may extend beyond the gasket surface on the front of the racer;

  • There must be a total of four wheels, either inside or outside of the valve cover;

  • There must be a non-metallic wheel surface contacting the track;

  • The racer must be clean (no sludge). If the racer drips oil or grease, it is disqualified;

  • The racer must have a permanent number affixed to the surface.

  • The racer dimensions are as follows:

    • Maximum Length - 30 inches

    • Maximum Width   - 10 inches

    • Maximum Height  - 10 inches

    • Maximum Weight - 10 pounds

    • Maximum Wheel Diameter - 6 inches

The rules for the track and race are as follows:

  • The judge's decision is final;

  • The track will consist of two lanes with each lane 18 inches wide;

  • Release pin is 1-3/4 inches from track to top of pin;

  • The driver will release their own racer on a starting green light. If you jump start, you lose that round;

  • If a racer interferes with another car, it loses that round;

  • If a racer is hampered by a track problem, they get another run;

  • If there is a tech issue, the judge's decision is final;

  • The racing will be double elimination for the top eliminator trophy.

For more information on valve cover racing, check out the various websites on the internet dedicated to the sport. For all questions contract Gregg at 970-249-3624.

[Note: The rules above are subject to change].

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